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Lucky11 Online Casino|Types of baccarat

There are several brands and games of online baccarat to choose from.

Lucky11 has some of the most popular and credible brands which are EVO and AE.

Besides the well-known live baccarat, roulette and blackjack which require skill are also popular among players, but most players find baccarat games crazy and addictive because they can make quick profits.


Roulette is a common gambling game in casinos. The roulette wheel usually has 37 or 38 numbers, and Zhuang He is responsible for beading on the rotating wheel, and the number on which the bead falls on the grid is the winning number. As there are various ways to bet on roulette, and you can bet on multiple numbers to increase your chances of winning.

Sic Bo

It is generally called the ratio of size. The rule of Sic Bo is that when the banker opens the utensil, the points of the dice are totaled (3~10 is small, 8~11 is large), and the player can press the size, point, or guess the number. The treasure must-win skills include a double betting method, don't buy size only buy points, choosing a table with multiple people at the same table, and recommending the sure-win method for the most people.


It is a very popular and profitable game in the United States. It is also called 21 o'clock. After the card is opened, the player can win as long as the number of points in his hand is closest to 21 points and is greater than the dealer. In addition, through many American movies, it can be found that 21 points can be calculated. Fixed probability, and can apply the blackjack card counting formula to achieve profit.



More Betting Strategies:

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