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Lucky11 | Meet The【IPL 2022】Refer A Friend Bonus!

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Invite your friends to join LUCKY11 online casino

All LUCKY11 online casino active members can refer friends during this campaign. When the number of recommended registered friends reaches more than 5 (including 5), the referrer will receive a bonus of 200 Indian rupees, and if the cumulative number of registered friends reaches more than 10 (including 10), the referrer will receive a bonus of 400 Indian rupees, and so on without upper limit.

【Recommended friends need to verify their mobile phone number and bind bank information when registering】

Betting flow explanation:

Terms and Conditions:

  1. With this INR 200 referral bonus, members must make 15x betting turnover to make withdrawals, referral bonus is applicable to (SABA Sports EVO Live Game video game).

  2. If more than 5 friends are referred, please provide the referrer's game account number to the customer service staff for verification. After verification, customer service will immediately send the bonus to the referrer's game account.

  3. All registered members must provide their cell phone number for verification and bind their bank account information when registering. All registered members' cell phone numbers, IP addresses and bank account information must match the region where they are located. Any violation of the rules will invalidate his bonus or profit.

  4. Players who are found and confirmed to have fraudulent accounts will not receive bonuses.

  5. Only one account and one offer per player are allowed. If a player opens multiple accounts and/or exhibits any behavior that is considered to be an abuse of the bonus, they will be immediately banned, the account will be locked and the funds will be confiscated.

  6. Members who open multiple or fraudulent accounts will be disqualified, their balances will be forfeited and their accounts will be frozen.

  7. LUCKY11 Online Casino reserves the right to monitor and determine whether a member has placed an unusual bet. If LUCKY11 Online Casino finds any form of cheating, fraud or arbitrage, LUCKY11 Online Casino has the right to terminate the member's account and confiscate the balance without prior notice and objection.

  8. All members who apply for the campaign are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions. the general terms and conditions of LUCKY11 Online Casino apply to this campaign.


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