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Lucky11 | How To Play Sic Bo? What Are The Rules Of Sic Bo?

Lucky11 Sic Bo Odds
Lucky11 Sic Bo Odds

Do you think live casinos are only for poker games? That's not true! the Lucky11 gaming site has many different types of gambling games, among them, online sic bo is a popular betting option for many players.

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Because of the richness of the craps game, there are many options for betting on the same game at the same time. Today Lucky11 shares what sic bo is? sic bo game is a great way to increase your chances of winning a casino!

Sic Bo Combinations!

Online casino craps use three dice in a dice cup, the game of gambling is played by rolling the dice with a machine, sic bo rules will be described in the case of three dice.

  • sic bo small/big: place your bet on the total of three dice being small(4-10) or big(11-17), wins pay 1:1, but these bets lose to any triple, three dice have the same number of points, you lose regardless of whether you bet big or small. (Example: All 3 dice are 5 points).

  • sic bo even/odd: place your bet on the total of three dice being odd or even wins pay 1:1, but these bets lose to any triple.

  • sic bo triple: place your bet on the of the six triple-labeled betting areas, all 3 dice must match the number chosen, and you get paid 150:1.

  • sic bo any triple: all six different triple bets at once, all three dice must show the same number, and you get paid 30:1.

Players who are new to craps can start by buying big or small and observe the change in the number of dice in this room before placing a bet on other craps betting games.


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